Comic 36 - 216. Good News
14th Sep 2012, 10:21 PM in Issue 2: Contenders
216. Good News
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Author Notes:
Adventure! edit delete
Hey. Remember these guys?

The downside to posting the comics at a stagger is that I feel like sometimes these callbacks are harder to remember, but dumping them all at once is just no fun, and you know, there's less chance for people to discover it on the main page. (psst! tell your friends!)

I dunno. Personally, I'm a 'wait for the box set' kind of guy (i.e. I'm incredibly impatient), but I understand the appeal of serial fiction. We tried dumping all of Issue One in a single go, and we got like... 4 subscribers. Staggering Issue Two has been far more successful, and talking to you guys as we go along is super fun, so that's what we'll be doing.

But yeah. It's these two again. They'll be important later. Truuuussst meeee....
User comments:
Centcomm edit delete reply
Oh whoa ! whats this ! O_O!! keep up the excellent work!
Adventure! edit delete reply
Haha! It's a callback! Snipin' at you from early July.
JRChace edit delete reply
Swirly straw!

That robo-commando armor looks sweet. And it looks like its going to be ye olde times vs science fiction! XD
Adventure! edit delete reply
Yes! So happy the alien/swirly straw made it in from the script.

The commando armor I totally agree is sweet. Unconfirmed, but I have a sneaky suspicion it's at least partially inspired by that space security dinosaur from the first 15 minutes of Lilo and Stitch. Watch the movie again, you'll know what I mean.

Like... if that dude and Master Chief's armor had a baby. In space.