Comic 68 - 407. Am I Crazy?
26th Jul 2013, 7:30 AM in Issue 4: Velocity x Desire
407. Am I Crazy?
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User comments:
CyberSkull edit delete reply
Hmm, I think being the main character of his own story is affecting him.
cattservant edit delete reply
Subtle stubble trouble!
Brendan (Guest) edit delete reply
Yo cattservant you nailed it again. Damn, son.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
Also, if I can be so bold as to make a prediction: one of the greatest things about SteamPunk is the creative inventiveness of technology, and you can even have steampunk cyborgs.

So, our one-armed protagonist is probably not going to stay one-armed; this world could offer her the chance to get an artificial limb. :)
cattservant edit delete reply
I wonder if it would survive the next plot transition?